Our main mission:

It is to evolve the way we currently work with programs to take it to the new era in which it becomes modern applications.

To achieve this Mission we are  associated with Microsoft becoming a member TAP (Technology Adoption Program) his does not allow access to developers of modern application technology for Desktop, the first to come out in the market is MSIX with which we have been working for more than 8 months, this has come out in production 4 months ago, we are always ahead of our vision in the change we are making in the IT world.

We are currently the only company in the world specializing in the conversion of old business programs based on packers (msi, exe, script, OneClick, AppV) in this new solution based on containers which solves 95% of the problems that exist in the current platforms such as: incidents, distributions, security and perhaps one of the most important constant paralysis with the IT department with the packaging problem.

The advantages are so many that we saw the need to use the 20 years of experience in the world of Repackaging to change the department IT (Information Technology) of the whole world.

Our mission is not only exclusive with companies, also we take care of modernizing the excellent work done by software developers and convert it into modern format and thus we give you facility to have global automated sales through the Windows Store.

For industrial companies we have a Research and Development team that studies and adapts the needs of their programs to offer the ease of converting them into modern applications and thus avoid the tedious processes that currently suffer to convert it into simplicity and ease thanks to containment.

We have continuous support in two time zones so that our customers are never alone.