It is in a place where we  dedicate to the fast conversion of programs in modern applications thanks to an installer that  provide a great user experience and avoids the majority of incidents that occur on your PCs, allowing it to be like the first day.

Domestic User.
We have created a multi-installer where you can install the software you need for the day, day with the advantage of being able to install it in a single click, allowing you to save time, efficiency of use and your PC will remain in the same state before installing it, saving on system resources and avoiding the continuous failures that occur in the system by the programs.

Adaptation of your programs in a modern format, allowing automated global sales via the Microsoft Store and all the advantages obtained by buyers that are the same as those described above in domestic users.

Fast conversion of all their programs to this installer, custom development of programs they require, customized solutions such as our multi-installer that we offer domestic users, simple and effective distribution while offering customized application servers with Geolocation and all this with the ease that causes users to install it in a single click and in their language.

These requests allow you to save time, money, incidents, greater control of all your IT government, avoid the paralysis of repaquetización in their system department and make everything more productive.

What does this installer do (MSIX)

Msix: is an Installer who has the facility to transform an IT governance into something simple and providing for the first time an exclusive orientation to user satisfaction.


With this installer does not create anything new are merged the best existing installers currently in one that the manufacturer called Msix

The executables ( . exe), The MSIs, The Script, The APPV and OneClick. Any installer you have on your platform we can quickly convert to this Msix installer.


To have your equipment and platforms as the first day, thanks to the containment, this is the great advance that the installer provides us with which we are going to achieve the greatest advance since the creation of Windows, thanks to the treatment of its programs in an advantageous and exploitable, simple and effective way finishing at last the challenge that we had until now, which were the programs.


With the conventional installers at the time of the installation they distribute all their functionalities by all the operating system touching essential parts as they are:

The registry with the time is being loaded and the Pcs each time are going to be slower having to arrive until the reinstallation.
Emulations special folders to be able to separate the files of 32 and 64 bits.
Security programs have permissions to make changes in msix are assigned.
Demon libraries different programs share the same libraries leading to serious errors.
Updates Need to repack the same program having many times to uninstall it to reinstall it leaving the operating system full of debris.
Uninstallations often causes more work to do this work than the installation itself, reaching the point of regret for having installed a program.
Customizations return again to have to repaquetar the original program to create each of the actions we need.

Compatibility each change of the operating system must return to study compatibility to know if all our programs are valid for this new version.All this together produces a paralysis of our IT department having to hire expert staff to do this, obfuscation in the user by the slowness of the computer as time goes by, errors that are necessary in the reinstallation of the operating system with the consequence of loss of money.

With this Msix installer we eliminate all the errors of conventional installers once and for all, let’s remember:
Register operating system slower and slower.
Emulations internal processes that slow down your system.
Security They do not assume it is given confidence.
Demon libraries total isolation of the operating system.
Updates See in binary only the part of the block that changes is modified.
Uninstallations a single click leaves the operating system as before it was installed.
Customizations when seeing in binary only adds or changes the part corresponding to what we have customized.
Compatibility each change of the operating system does not lack to do anything, the applications continue working.
Installation as well as uninstallation is done with a single click.

By using this installer the main benefit you receive is the pleasant user experience because it eliminates almost all problems caused by the programs an adequate response of the operating system from start to finish, much saving not only money but the satisfaction of knowing that both the work of the user and the IT department is more pleasant, effective and solvent.


The distribution is done in a simpler way, faster, with less network consumption and more rewarding, you can do this from your traditional means such as: the Configuration Manager and the Landesk through the private store of Microsoft or via your own website if you want, we can also provide an installer that you can install all the fundamental software with a single click.


For these reasons we invite you to join the new era of installers:
simple, fast, effective, safe solvent, economical.