Repackager Express is a leader in the conversion of old business programs used in their companies in applications, our work bears a seal of quality, no wonder because our specialists have more than 20 years of experience in the market, in which we have dedicated ourselves to help the business sector, which have benefited from our hard work and love for our art. We have entered to the new era where programs have become obsolete, because companies and people themselves need speed and access to applications that are extremely reliable, fast and secure.

Our mission is to help at all stages of the relationship between people and applications.

For developers: We convert the magnificent work that they have done in the creation of their programs, into modern applications opening it to a new world of possibilities that offers us from automated sales using the Microsoft Sat improvement in the user experience with new container technologies. For Companies: It allows companies to eliminate the big problems of IT governance. Savings. Time and quantity of incidences will be reduced exponentially since the containers are not installed in the operating system and for that reason they do not leave garbage in the registers and it will allow you to maintain your computer as the first day of installation. Applications without expiration date You install it today in windows 10 or 7 and you won’t have to worry anymore about operating system changes will always be compatible. Avoid paralysis in IT departments due to packaging or incidents. Each update or customization of your programs required an IT specialist to repackage your programs, now that is not necessary since the containers see binary will only change the part that your customization has touched. User Experiences Simple installation and uninstallation in a single click, zero incidents per application and reduces system errors by 95%. Simple and elegant distribution. You can continue using your traditional means or use the public Microsoft Store which will allow us to always have our applications available no matter where in the world we are.