REPACKAGER EXPRESS  is prepared to offer the best service and of quality. It has its own technology, which will allow us to package any kind of program from anywhere in the world with our virtual desktops web-based, we guarantee quality of service with big data analysis that allows applications to come out with all the components with what they need. That came into our factory, error-repair tools created by Microsoft developers and third party manufacturers that are are dedicated to selling packaging software. All our applications have automatic updates built into the kernel, have resources to suit any language.

Resources such as MSIX packaging for Windows 7, adaptation of apps with drivers and services, adaptation of private companies in the Microsoft store, web distribution of the applications catalog.

Distribution by users or machines according to customer needs. We ensure that with our service we are able to convert your applications faster than ever before.

Staff: We have a commercial and technical department perfectly qualified to give support to any type of company. When you put your trust in our hands, not only are you investing in quality, but our vast experience for more than 20 years using the Microsoft platform in this case MSIX make us one of the best companies in the world better options for you and your company.