Multi-Installer PRO is an improved edition of the free version.

Below, some features that may be obtained with the Multi-Installer PRO.

Multi-Installer FREE

Multi-Installer PRO

PC as the First Day PC as the First Day
Apps Open Source Apps Open Source
Automatics Updates Automatics Updates 
Scheduled Installations Scheduled Installations
Security applied in the Windows Kernel Security applied in the Windows Kernel
Support 24 Hours a Day in Two Time Zones
Additional Open Source Applications
Multi-Installer Customized with your Specific Programs Converted into Modern Applications

In the customization part of Multi-Installer PRO, we offer companies the opportunity to have the applications of their choice, within the multi-installer. This way they will be able to install quickly and efficiently all the applications that they need for the operation of their companies, all of them converted into MSIX format.

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Modern installers work like your mobile device:

Install and uninstall with a single click, without the need to download anything.
Automatic update, your program is always there day without having to do anything.
Certified in the core of the program, in our case we have a Microsoft certificate that prevents malicious software.

Faster, thanks to the containerization that allows a higher performance.