A huge saving in resources thanks to this magical cycle of a modern IT.
It is not necessary to repaquetizar with each update, customization, change of operating system. Now we are more agile, faster, more efficient and we end forever the paralysis by repaquetization.The conversion of your installer is only the first phase (if your software is still maintained/updated). Now we can start working on expanding your application with the new UWP APIs and migrate them step by step.

Expansion is done from these assumptions:

  • Invoking a Win32 process from a UWP application
  • Expansion of a desktop application with UWP APIs
  • Add a UWP component to a writer application
  • Identify the context of an application

We all know that there are still many clients running Windows 7 (even if that number is dropping every day), that’s why we can detect if your application is running in the old desktop application mode or in the new modern application container. This way, you can continue to modernize your application while supporting your Windows 7 customers.

In addition to converting old EXE/MSI installers to MSIX, you can also convert AppX and App-V packages to MSIX format.