According to Microsoft, MSIX includes the best and most advanced of all the packaging solutions used today in the Windows ecosystem. It offers several significant advantages over today’s application packaging solutions, offering predictable and secure deployment, eliminating all unnecessary information, and implementing disk space optimization techniques.


It allows us to generate a multi-platform installer that brings advantages to both the end user as well as the system administrator (IT), which passes through the administrations (LOB) Line of
business, to the distribution of apps through Microsoft Store or other methods more customized distribution (ESD). The use of this tool allows us to generate APPX and MSI/EXE packages from the same application. It is capable of supporting Win32/64, WPF, Winform and UWP apps.


For users:

For the end users the advantages are very big allows them a very clean install and uninstall process in the O.S. Optimizes the space in the disk, in a single download will store all the files on the disk of the user with the assurance that the number of incidents will be reduced remarkably. Users can be autonomous to install and uninstall the applications, which will provide them with a great experience. Since MSIX transfers the update process to the operating system itself, the update process is made safer and more reliable, eliminating much of it of user control.

For administrators:

The important result that it generates to the administrators of systems is remarkable, since it minimizes the traffic of network due to that it has own support of differential updates, this way the use of network is minimum. It generates less IT administration, because the installation and updates of MSIX application containers are managed by Windows 10 itself. The tool allows differential updates at the block level. It is very easy to maintain the platform maintains an inventory of applications to track any changes, and only extracts the necessary bits. Everything each application needs is inside the package. For security the application is signed to be reliable on the device. It uses protection against manipulation incorporated in the operating system. If the application has been changed, it is referenced and the user will be prevented from starting the application to prevent malware from being installed.

For companies:

After seeing all the advantages that this new Microsoft tool brings, we know that it will revolutionize the way of packaging and the IT departments of all companies. Because the way of working will be more efficient and easy while not forgetting the enormous savings that will mean for companies. For this reason and for many more reasons all companies will end up working with this system and here we will be to carry out all their packaging needs.

Our service

REPACKAGER EXPRESS is prepared to offer the best service and quality. It has its own technology, which will allow us to package any program from anywhere in the world with our web-based virtual desktops, we guarantee the quality of service with a big data analysis that allows us to leave the applications with all the components with the following that entered our factory, tools of repair of errors created by the Microsoft developers and third party manufacturers that will be are dedicated to selling packaging software. All our applications have automatic updates built into the kernel, have resources to suit any language. Resources such as MSIX packaging for Windows 7, adaptation of apps with drivers and services, adaptation of private companies in the shop of Microsoft, web distribution of the applications catalog. Distribution by users or machines according to the customer’s needs. We ensure that with our service we are able to convert your applications as quickly as ever before.